FaM Rumble: A Dumpling’s Short Review


Wrestling shows based on WWE games are far and between. When they appear, it’s always a collection of high profile matches with unique superstars, men and women alike, showcasing their abilities and charisma for the community to see.

However, Forever a Moment (FaM) always seems to stand out above the rest. Now, I’ve never been a long-term FaM fan. The Rumble was the second show I’ve ever watched, the first involved the unmasking and return of Ranik with everyone on twitter freaking out about it.

I was the guy that had no clue who was feuding with who and for what reason, but was compelled and sucked in regardless, with each match being more compelling, all being extremely well done.


As a newcomer to the series, there were plenty of moments that I didn’t understand, but still felt the tension nonetheless. This was emphasized with the final segment between Ranik and his brother Rom. The lore between these two, including the third brother, whom Ranik considered the weakest link within the trio, was compelling and worthwhile.

However, for the long-term FaM fan, this promo was far too long and possibly best saved as an opener for their next show.

Can I add that Ranik is truly a monster? The presence of that beast is remarkable. I didn’t expect him to lose his match against Blackheron, though BH did place enormous effort in the bout.

The rumble match stood out as best match of the night. I was expecting a collection of wrestlers in the ring with an eventual winner in an AI based match. However, a different route was taken.

True OMG moments and particular cuts put together seamlessly made the rumble quite possibly the most unpredictable match I’ve seen in a very long time. I had my picks as to who I would’ve like to see win (thanks 2TM for making me a fan), but this was in no way going end with ‘I told you so’s’ or ‘typical’s’ that you would normally feel from the actual Royal Rumble events we’ve gotten in the past few years from WWE.

It was obvious that FaM took their time to ensure each chain of events went as smooth as possible, considering the game engine’s limitations to what players can do. I feel a lot of trial and error, frustrations, and frequent breaks took place in-between creating this show, but they continued going back. The effort would ultimately pay off, especially with the inclusion of the most hilarious breaking of the fourth wall to date.


I look forward to their next event, and now that I have a better understanding of who each of these characters are, I will definitely enjoy not only the wrestling aspect but the entertainment level of it as well.